Paint shop equipment

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Adrian Schramm
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In addition to the coating technology we regularly supply suitable filters for your air-intake system and exhaust-air system or your paint-separation system.

Glas fibre mat "Paint Stop"
For paint-separation in paint shops and spray stands.

Coarse dust filter mats
For pre-filtration of intake air in paint shops and drying units.

Fine dust filter mats
For final filtration of the intake air.

Concertina filters
With high absorption capacity for the use in industry and craft for paint arresting.

Further filter types as well as individual sections upon request.

>> Download filter-brochure (German only)

  • fine dust filter

  • filter pack

  • Paintstop

  • coarse dust filter mats

  • concertina filter

Spray stands and ventilation systems

If you are looking for an individualised ventilation or a spray stand, we are the right contact for you. We equip your paint shop with everything needed for an optimal coating quality.

Air-intake- and exhaust-air-systems
Corresponding to your technical conditions we supply qualitative air-intake- and exhaust-air-systems, with or without heat recovery and heating of the intake-air. An extension or modernisation of your existing ventilation system is possible as well.

Spray stands/spray walls
Available in different versions and sizes,dry- or wet separating, also available as small spray stands.

  • Saugwand

  • Kleinspritzstand

  • Kleinspritzstand

Cleaning agents, other items

We have some practical things which help you to equip yor paint shop optimally.

Stripping paint
Stripping paints prevent your spray booth from being permanently soiled and avoid complex masking with foil. Simply apply, strip off and dispose of.

Cleaning agents for spray guns
Various types of brushes, nozzle cleaning needles, lubricans for piston pumps etc.

Cold paint stripper
For particularly persistent soiling on pumps and other working equipment. The soiled pieces have to be put in and dried up coating remains can be dissolved.

Personal protective equipment
Disposable suits for coating, gloves (also special gloves for e-static coating), breathing masks, safety glasses etc.

  • Brushes

  • Düsenreinigungsnadeln