Implementation of paint shops

After the order has been placed we immediately start with the detailed implementation. Please note that we are your sole contact for all questions about your new paintshop until delivery and approval.

First we start with the coordination of our suppliers and procurement of all plant components according to the assembly schedule, which was created in coordination with you beforehand. All supplies on site are monitored by us and scheduled.

In parallel our technicians create all construction plans and calculations we require for the correct installation of your paintshop, so that a smooth assembly can be guaranteed.

On-site, our assembly teams are responsible for the professional installation/ assembly of the individual plant elements (e.g. support structure, enclosures etc.) and the infrastructure (e.g. pipes, air channels, electrical installation). Moreover, our assemblers take care of the correct positioning and integration of individual equipment components into the overall structure.

During the entire implementation process our technicians create the required plant documentation in accordance with the relevant guidelines, you will receive when installation is checked/ approved. Of course, our plant engineers personally accompany the trial operations and also train your plant staff.

Of course, our service does not end after commissioning: we will assist you with our long-standing experience at any time, for e.g. service works, modifications or technical questions.