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2C-unit Detronic Mix Advance

2C-unit Detronic Mix Advance

Key features hardware
SPS: Siemens S7 1200
Touchscreen: Siemens TP700 Comfort, 16:9, colordisplay
Resolution: 800px*480px
Front-USB: yes
Matrix valve: up to 2 (=16 controllable components)
Power supply; 230V AC
Dimensions (wxhxd, mm): 380 x 600 x 350
Fits all spraying methods
Connection possibility cabin remote control: yes
Explosion protection: no (on request: Ex II 3G possible)


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  • Control system

  • Control system: Starting screen

2C-/3C- Multi-component system DETRONIC MIX

The DETRONIC MIX 2K-/3K- multi-component mixing and dosing unit was specifically designed by us to meet the increasingly higher demands on process control and -safety and to ensure a consistently high and constant mixing quality.

The unit based on the injection principle volumetrically monitors the material flows to be mixed in real time and controls the dosage independently in individually definable tolerance limits. The unit can be operated via touchscreen, and different user levels permit an individualized access of the unit's functions.

The DETRONIC MIX can mix up to three components, the smallest possible dosage is 1,0 %, also single-component materials can be processed by the unit. Moreover, it has an automatic pot life surveillance with banking function and is suitable for almost all liquid media like resins, coatings, solvents, release agents, water etc. The volumetric flow meters are individually selected for the purpose of processing.

Customized solutions
We also like to develop individual concepts for your specific application. We have already realized e.g. batch filling systems, units with several mixing sections or systems to control several mixing units with only one controller. Do not hesitate to contact us.

We also offer tests and live-demonstrations, either at your premises or on-site.

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  • Measuring cell for Stamm and accelerator (here: gear-wheel)

  • hardener valve with external needle

  • Control system: Starting screen

  • connector system for flexible paint expansion

  • Valve unit for simultaneous painting/rinsing

Gun flushing system GunGuard Evo

The DETE GunGuard Evo enables to keep every multi-component system which has an appropriate control ready for operation in case of work interruptions, without flushing the unit. In case of a pot life exceeding in combination with a banking function, the waste material being in the tube and the mixing unit will automaticly be replaced by freshly mixed material and the pot life is resetted.

The GunGuard Evo also ensures a significantly higher working comfort: on the one hand it serves as repository for the spray gun, on the other hand it increases the degree of automation when flushing and filling the unit - the control operator only needs to press "start" or "flushing" on the touch screen, without having to activate the spray gun manually into a waste container. Then the gun can be removed and the painting process can be started or the unit can be safely switched off.

All openings of the GunGuard Evo are attached with flexible brushes, wich offer a maximum protection against paint dust entering even if the gun is inserted. Thereby the complete internal mechanism and the spray gun are optimally protected from contamination.

The GunGuard Evo was designed to be adjusted on-site to the most common paint spray guns - including electrostatic units. The innovative locking/release mechanism guarantees a lot of free space which remarkably faciliates the inserting of the spray gun.

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  • DETE GunGuard Evo

  • Protection lid closed

  • Air cap adapter

  • Lower view

  • Brush tightening for hose