Energy and carbon balance consultancies for paint shops

By implementing our innovative, self-developed tool CaMoS (Carbon Monitoring System), energy efficiency, process optimization and climate protection become affordable and worthwhile, even for small companies:

Reduction of energy consumption and - costs
We modernize for you your plant technology by pushing a button and show you at a glance how possible measures can influence your future energy consumption. Ideal for initiating specific, individual measures.

Pioneer for ISO 50001
Our process analysis summarizes for you almost all energy consumers in a detailled, transparent and reproducible way and thereby provides an ideal basis for all further progress towards energy management according to ISO 50001.

Key figures for early movers
We automatically create a CO2 balance of your products - prerequisite for future requirements in terms of climate protection and customer loyalty. Thus, you are in the position to verify how much CO2 results from the manufacturing of a single product unit. You can pass on these data to your clients or use for further climate protection measures.

Innovation Made in Germany
The development of CaMoS was financially supported by the German Federal Foundation of Environment (DBU) – this fact alone demonstrates the innovative character of this programme. And we are very proud of this.

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