Conception of paint shops

At the beginning of a plant concept is in general the objective to be achieved, which is mostly a coated product. We then produce a rough handling concept with the necessary and individual process steps according to your specific wishes and requirements and coordinate them, if necessary, with your paint supplier.

Then we need to determine which technical equipment you will require (e.g. conveyor technique, pre-treatment, drying system) in consideration of the concrete process data being generated in parallel (cycle times, temperatures etc.).

We subsequently create detailed layout drawings, representing the process flow as well as the spacial conditions.

Layout and/or technical modifications can be made at any time. In order to avoid any missunderstanding, and to respond quickly to major changes, we have close contact to you during the whole conception stage, of course also on-site, and also are in touch with other suppliers who develop, if necessary, different plant components to integrate promptly those technical specifications into our concept.

Things you also can expect from us:

  • Plant technology and application from one source provide a coordinated coating process
  • Use of advanced technologies in all process stages
  • Durable and qualitative components of german production
  • Additional services as e.g. Product Carbon Footprinting and climate-neutral coating