Carbon neutral products for paint shops

Our unique service "carbon neutral coated" (abbreviation: cnc) includes to balance coating processes with regard to their CO2-emissions. Subsequently, they can be compensated by a special procedure. Afterwards, the coating process can be indicated CO2- or carbon neutral and does not contribute to the global warming anymore.

cnc combines active climate protection with innovative public relations. So, companies get an effective tool to engage in climate protection, to effectively differentiate from the competition and to meet the requirements regarding energy efficiency and climate protection.

Carbon neutral coated products offer a lot of advantages, both in the B2B- as well as in the B2C-sector:

Product differentiation
With our cnc-logo directly placed on your product, you can refer to your climate protection measure and thus create a clear product value.

Profile sharpening
Use the cnc - carbon neutral coated to differ from the competition and provide your business partners with data hardly any other companies can provide.

Extension for your sustainability strategy
cnc - Carbon Neutral Coated is an ideal component in this respect.

Active climate protection
The mechanism for emission offsetting is fixed in the Kyoto-Protocol and therefore offers an unique opportunity to engage actively in climate protection.

More detailed information you can find in the downloadable product sheet. We also would like to personally consult you regarding your individual options with cnc - carbon neutral coated.

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