DETE has optimally solved a large number of tasks - both for the coating industry and other industry sectors. See below a small selection of our references.

Among other things, we worked for (excerpt):

Swarovski Optik | Drehmo | Pöttinger | Schwarzmüller | Siemens | Enikon | MAN | Schaeffler | Airbus | BMW | Magna | Dürr | Eisenmann | Liebherr | Audi | VW

DETE primarily (but not exclusively) works for the following sectors:

Steel construction | Automobile industry | Plastic coating | Automotive | Aerospace | Wood coating | furniture industry | agricultural technology

Paint shops - actuator drives

Automatic line for actuator drives

Development of a paint shop concept both for cleaning and for base- and cover coating with subsequent long-term curing for up to seven hours. Energy efficient plant technique on minimum space requirements.

Fully automated continuous painting unit with stepping mode, Power&Free-support system and manual painting. The process data for items to be painted is transferred via scanner to the product carrier and the respective item to be painted is automatically passed through the system.
At first, the item to be painted passes through a 7-zone throughput cleaning system. Then the adhesive water is completely removed in a blow-off pipe. Subsequently, the parts are cooled down, masked and transported to one of the two painting cabins. The paint separation has to be done dryly. After coating, the parts pass through the evaporation zone as well as the paint dryer and then they are brought into the cooling area. The items to be painted automatically leave the cooling area and are transported with a storage and retrieval system to a curing store. From there, the finished products are loaded fully automatically onto a transport carriage.

Energy efficiency
Use of a gas surface burner for an efficient heating supplied fresh air. A rotary air-to-air heat exchanger as well as several cross-flow heat exchangers provide a low-loss retransfer of the thermal energy to the fresh air. Double strand cooling zone to increase the energy efficiency.

Coating technology
Electronic 2K- dosing- and mixing system DETE DETRONIC MIX for one basecoat and four topcoats. Application for DETE BM250-spray guns in an air-supported Airless application. Pot life monitoring with automatic banking of freshly mixed paint for saving of solvents as well as spray gun surveillance by gun flush boxes Type DETE GunGuard. colour change possible at the push of a button, both with and without intermediate flushing.

  • Curing reservoir

    Curing reservoir of the painting plant

  • exit area

    View of the exit area

  • film water drier

    View into the film water drier

  • spray booth

    Part to be painted in front of the spray wall

Paint shops - agricultural machinery parts

Painting of agricultural machines

A cost-efficient paint shop with manual application technology for big hangers with steel parts (6m*3m*1,5m) was required, which should be installed including a pre-treatment plant on a predetermined space.

After putting the pieces to be painted onto the Power&Free-overhead conveyor, it will be passed through an automatical 3-Zones-pre-treatment plant (degreasing, iron phosphating, washing). Then the items to be painted will be freed of residual water from the pre-cleaning via an adhesive water dryer, before entering the first cabin, where the basecoat will be manually applied. Then, the hangers go into the basecoat dryer. Before the topcoat is applied, the hangers pass through a short cooling zone, and then reach the cabin for the manual topcoating. In both cabins, the staff can access permanently installed working platforms, to be able to paint in the required height. After the topcoating, the steel components run through a downstream evaporation area as well as a further dryer, before being temporarily parked in a buffer in front of the intake - or offtake station.

Coating technology
The painting will be done manually by means of a pneumatic airless process. By means of an electronic 2K-system type DETE Detronic Mix, the dosing and mixing of the base- and hardening component (4 basic paints) is electronically monitored and controlled. Colour change and flushing of the system at the push of a button. Typical high-pressure piston pumps type DETE MX32 are used as supply pumps.

  • Outer view of pretreatment booth Vogel&Noot

    Outer view of pretreatment booth

  • plant control Vogel&Noot

    View of the plant control

  • Inner view painting booth Vogel&Noot

    Painting booth with part to be painted

2K systems - plastic coating

Automatic plastic coating

Delivery of a complete coating technology (paint supply, 2K-system, guns) for a flat spray machine for plastic components of the automotive- and consumer electronics sector.

We installed a DETE Detronic Mix 2K-system which takes over the recipe management and dosing and mixing of the 2-component paints (two basic colours). Free operating Coriolis-mass flow meter for base and hardener were used in the mixing unit, to guarantee a good flushing. Low pressure material pressure regulators in both of the strands enable the adjustment of an exact material pressure. The system monitors electronically the pot life and mixing ratio and thus guarantees a high-precision and constant mixing quality.

Supply of materials
DETE UVfix08-bellows pumps were used as supply pumps. These are characterized by an extremly low wear-out due to the use of pistons made of aluminium oxide as well as ease of maintenance due to an easy disassembly. With a transmission ratio of 8:1, bellows pumps can also be used over longer haulways.

Application technology
The application of paint is made by up to 8 AGMD low pressure automatic guns, guaranteeing the highest-possibe surface quality.

  • Complete installation Jasplastik

    Flat coating machine

  • Spray gun arm Jasplastik

    View into the painting area

  • 2K-system Jasplastik

    2K-unit with coriolis mass flow meters

2K-systems - coating of large bearings

Coating of wind power large bearings

Delivery of the complete coating technology (spray cabins, paint supply, 2K-systems, manual spray guns) for the manual coating of large bearings for wind power plants.

An assemblage of six separate DETE Detronix Mix 2K- or respectively 3K-systems has been installed to guarantee maximum time flexibility regarding the coating process.
Depending on the materials to be processed, different flow meter types were used, from the typical cog-wheel and turbine flow meters up to freeflow measuring coriolis mass flow meter.

Material supply
Due to the high material pressures resulting from the airless application, DETE HX48- or Trumpf 47:1 piston pumps were used as delivery pumps which are characterized both by a high pressure boosting ratio and a high conveying capacity.

Application technology
The material application will be done via up to six DETE GM500 airless guns, which are extremely robust and easy to maintain and furthermore guarantee high application amount per minute. To prevent the curing of paints in the individual spray guns, every GM500 is equipped with a gun flush box type DETE GunGuard. This enables to provide every gun automaticly with freshly mixed paint material on expiry of the pot life and thus to prevent the paint from drying up.

  • 2K-unit_assembly_Schaeffler

    Assembly of 2K-control units and mixing units

  • Paint_supply_Schaeffler

    View of the paint supply

  • Manual_painting_Schaeffler

    Manual painting of a ball bearing

  • gun_flush_units_Schaeffler

    Airless spray guns with gun flush units type GunGuard

2K-systems - Coating of steel components

E-Static-Coating of steel components

Delivery of the complete coating technology (paint supply, 2K-system, electrostatics manual gun) for the manual low-pressure water varnish coating of big steel components.

A 2K-system type DETE Detronic Mix for respectively 3 hardeners and 5 colours has been delivered. To avoid the curing of the mixed 2K-material in the spray gun, the 2K-system has been equipped with a gun flush box type DETE GunGuard. The measuring of the volume flows will be done by classical cog-wheel flow meters.

Application technology
The 2K-system provides an electrostatic manual gun type Ransburg Vector with an external high-voltage generator and thus enables the coating of the steel components with a high application efficiency due to the electrostatics principle.

Material supply
The material supply consists of several DETE Twin double diaphragm pumps which convey the material either from pressure vessels (hardener) or unpresurized vessels (base) to the mixing unit of the 2K-system. The pumps are equipped with pressure boosting units which enable to generate a material pressure up to 9 bar.
A special feature of the paint supply is the completely electrically isolated and specially secured composition, due to the high conductivity of the e-static water varnish. The paint containers are additionally equipped with pneumatic agitators which are mounted on drum covers which in turn can be removed via pneumatic DETE-lifting units from the original container - this considerably facilitates the change of container.

  • 2K Control unit

    2K control unit with high voltage generator

  • Material supply

    complete low-pressure paint supply (waterbourne)

  • Coating parts

    manual painting of steel parts

Special solutions - dosage of lubricants

Automatic lubricant supply

A solution should be found to supply a defined amount of lubricant to a connected system on electronic request.

Three compact units which can be connected with tubes to the lubricant delivery points have been delivered in total. A unit consists of a VA-material container with continuously working, electronic level monitoring as well as a pneumatic agitatior, preventing the sedimentation of the lubricant.
The medium will be conveyed via a DETE Twin double diaphragm pump, mounted directly on the material container. The fluid valve which regulates the material flow to the delivery point can be pneumatically operated and is very wear resistant and corrosion-resistant due to its construction.

The core element of every unit is a dosing cylinder, especially developed for this application, made of stainless steel. This supplies the defined amount of lubricant on request and is self-filling with fresh material during the dispense, so that a separate filling procedure after dispense of lubricants is not necessary.


  • Lubrication_agent_batch_system_SMS

    Overview batch unit

  • Batch_cylinder_SMS

    Detailed view of the batch cylinder

  • Container_SMS

    Overview of the lubrication agent batch system

Paint supply - automotive

Paint supply for the painting of automotive parts

A complete paint supply and related manual application technology should be designed and delivered for a new paint shop from the automotive sector for large plastic components.

35 VA-containers (4 pressure vessels, 1 solvent container unpressurized, 15 double container groups) have been delivered in total, equipped with wear resistant DETE UVfix08-bellows pumps and appropriate material pressure regulators, as well as 2 electronic 2K-Systems type DETE Detronic Mix for a manual low-pressure application. The pumps for the double container groups have been equipped with double filter groups, to be able to continuously work during a filter change.

Application technology
The two 2K-systems, each equipped with gun flush boxes, type DETE GunGuard, monitor and control the exact paint mixture. The gun flush boxes ensure that mixed material does not cure in the system - the 2K-controlling can provide the inserted gun automatically with freshly mixed material.

  • Paint_supply_D

    View of the installed paint supply

  • Cask_detail_D

    Supply pump UVfix08 with double filter assembly

Paint supply - aerospace

Separating agent supply for aircraft parts

A separating agent supply with several delivery points for the production of interior parts should be constructed for a well-known aircraft manufacturer.

A low-pressure separating agent supply with an extensive pipeline system and many individual delivery points has been installed. Low-transmission bellows pumps ensure the transportation of material directly from the 200l-cask. Low-pressure material pressure regulators ensure a constant material pressure, and all casks are equipped with level-monitoring devices to prevent a run-dry of the casks.
Hose reels are installed at the delivery points. The spray guns are robust airless guns, equipped with appropriate lance tops to spray the separating agents optimally into the form.

  • Separation_agent_supply_A

    View into the separation agent container

  • Hose_reel_A

    Hose reel mounted on the delivery points

  • Spray_gun_A

    Airless spray gun with lance

Plant construction - furnace technology

Furnace technology for various applications

DETE has been constructing furnaces for various applications for years, e.g. for the tempering of metal components, burning-in of paints or curing of GPK-parts. The design varies depending on the application. DETE supplies feed ovens or batch furnaces, depending on the specification, both with or without conveyor technology. For furnaces with conveyor technology, horizontal or vertical transportation systems are available depending on the customer`s requirements and if the parts have to be transported in a hanging or lying position through the furnaces. A multi-zone temperature control with different residence times in the respective zones is possible, too.
So far, furnaces have been installed in Europe, Asia and also in the US.

  • Multi-zone-feed oven

    Multi-zone-feed oven

  • Batch furnace

    Batch furnace

  • batch furnace 2

    Batch furnace outer view

  • single-zone feed oven

    Single-zone feed oven Inner viev